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Making A Backup Or Transferring Your Vocabulary File

It's important to save a back-up of your customized vocabulary. If there are issue with the iPad or a file is accidentally deleted or modified, you can import  the back-up file.  

Using AirDrop/Dropbox/Email

  1. On the app, select the Vocab button and select Choose New Vocab.
  2. Select the Menu button and select Import/Export Vocab.
  3. Select Export and Share.
  4. Select the vocabulary you would like to export.
  5. Select Done and select the method you would like to use to share.
    • AirDrop: Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi must be active. You will see the nearby devices that have AirDrop on and can accept your file. Choose the desired device.
      • If AirDrop isn't an available option, check these settings:
        • Apple settings – Screen Time – Always Allowed – Contacts set to Everyone
        • Apple settings – Screen time – Content and Privacy Restrictions
    • Dropbox: Requires a Dropbox account. Wi-Fi must be active or you must have the Dropbox app on your iPad.
    • Email: Requires an email account set up on the iPad and access to Wi-Fi
    • Files: Saves to the Files app on the same iPad

Using iTunes

To save a vocabulary file requires two steps: the first involving your iPad and the second using your iTunes software.

Step 1
  1. Select the Vocab button.
  2. Touch Choose New Vocab.
  3. Touch the Menu button and select Import/Export to iTunes.
  4. Choose Export a Vocab and select the vocabulary you want to save.
Step 2
  1. Connect the device to the computer.
  2. Open iTunes on the computer.
  3. On the device, tap Vocaband then tap Choose New Vocab.
  4. Tap Menu in the top right portion of the screen.
  5. Tap Import/Export Vocab.
  6. Tap Export to iTunes.
  7. From the menu that opens select the vocabulary file you want to export and tap Save.
  8. In iTunes on the computer, select the device icon twice and go to the File Share
  9. Press Words for Life
  10. Highlight the vocabulary file that you are exporting.
  11. Click Save Toon the bottom right. A Windows save box will appear.
  12. Select the folder in which you want to save the file and click OK.
Loading a Back-Up File Using iTunes
  1. Once the iPad is synced with iTunes press the Device Icon Twice.
  2. In the window that opens on the left, select File Sharing.
  3. In the Apps column, select the Words for Life app.
  4. Select Add File, find and select your file on the computer.
  5. Once Added to iTunes go to the LAMP Words for Life app.
  6. In the LAMP Words for Life app in the vocabulary selection screen Press Menu - import/export - import from iTunes - Select your vocabulary - Save

Now you should be able to select your vocabulary to use in the LAMP Words for Life app on your device.

Using iShare

You must have an iSharePRC account and Wi-Fi connection to make backups using this method.

  1. Select the Vocab button.
  2. Touch Choose New Vocab.
  3. Touch the Menu button.
  4. Select iSharePRC from the drop-down menu.
  5. Press Login to iSharePRC. If you don’t have an iSharePRC account, you can receive a free one-year trial by selecting Create iSharePRC account.
  6. Enter your iShare account e-mail address and password. Select Login and Okay.
  7. Select Login and press Okay.
  8. Choose a folder that you want to use.
  9. To SAVE a file:
    1. Select the + button.
    2. From the list that appears, select the file you want to save.
    3. Fill in the Name, Description, Keywords, File Revision and choose a Collection (if you have any).
    4. Select Upload.
  10. To DOWNLOAD an already saved file:
    1. When you open a folder, choose the file you want to download.
    2. Select the Download button.