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Features Overview


Voice is an outward expression of one's unique personal identity. LAMP Words for Life includes access to Inclusive Voices by Almagu, Acapela, and Apple.

New! Personalize your child's AAC device with a unique Voice

The Voice Keeper Kids is a service allowing you to record a family member that will donate his voice to your child. The process is done via Zoom/Telemeeting and assures your child will sound like no one else with a voice he is connected to.

Allow your child to experience new sense of individuality, with a voice only he has, and was created for him by your family.

Learn more and hear samples!

Inclusive Voices by Almagu

Inclusive Voices by Almagu offers an ethnically and age diverse collection of synthetic voices. Or, create a unique voice with The VoiceKeeper.

Use the voice sampler below to find your voice.

Almagu Voices

Child voices

Teen voices

Adult voices

Elder voices

Lisa (female, English USA)

Abigail (female, English USA)

Mia (female, English USA)

Isaak (male, English USA)

Noah (male, English USA)

Elijah (male, English USA)

Evelyn (female, English USA)

Linda (female, English USA)

Oliver (male, English England)

Logan (male, English USA)

James (male, English USA)

Robert (male, English USA)

Sophia (female, English USA)

William (male, English Australia)

Damien (male, English USA)

Kessie (female, English USA)

Olivia (female, English England)

Lucía (female, Spanish USA)

Kate (female, English England)

Harry (male, English England)

Gabriela (female, Spanish USA)

Tessa (female, English England)

Leon (male, English England)

Enrique (male, Spanish USA)

Caitlyn (female, English USA)

Acapela Voices

English and Spanish voices are FREE with new downloads; available as a FREE in-app purchase if purchased prior to 2.38.

Child voices

Adult voices

Ella (female, English USA)

Darius (male, English USA)

Josh (male, English USA)

Heather (female, English USA)

Scott (male, English USA)

Karen (female, English USA)

Kenny (male, English USA)

Laura (female, English USA)

Malik (male, English USA)

Micah (male, English USA)

Nelly (female, English USA)

Rod (male, English USA)

Scott (male, English USA)

Ryan (male, English USA)

Tiana (female, English USA)

Saul (male, English USA)

Valeria (female, Bilingual-English/Spanish USA)

Tamira (female, English USA)

Emilio (male, Bilingual-English/Spanish USA)

Taylor (female, English USA)

Rosie (female, English Great Britain)

Tracy (female, English USA)

Harry (male, English Great Britain)

Will (male, English USA)

Olivia (female, English Australia)

Lisa (female, English Australia)

Liam (male, English Australia)

Tyler (male, English Australia)

Alfie (male, Northern English)

Graham (male, English Great Britain)

Amy (female, Northern English)

Lucy (female, English Great Britain)

Owen (male, English USA)

Nizareng (male, English Great Britain)

Lizzy (female, English USA)

Peter (male, English Great Britain)

Archie (male, Scottish English)

Queen Elizabeth (female, English Great Britain)

Eilidh (female, Scottish English)

Rachel (female, English Great Britain)

Sophia (female, British English)

Lily (female, English USA)

Sharon (female, English USA)

Deepa (female, English India)

Rhona (female, English Scotland)

Rodrigo (male, Spanish US)

Rosa (female, Spanish US)

Antonio (male, Spanish Spain)

Ines (female, Spanish Spain)

Maria (female, Spanish Spain)

Ana (female, Spanish Spain)

Elana (female, Spanish Spain)

French voices are available as an in-app purchase.

Child voices

Adult voices

Elise (female, French)

Louise (female, Canadian French)

Valentin (male, French)

Antoine (male, French)

Anais (female, French)

Constance (female, French)

Anthony (male, Canadian French)

Alice (female, French)

Bruno (male, French)

Claire (female, French)

Julie (female, French)

Manon (female, French)

Marguax (female, French)

VocaliD custom digital voice

A custom voice is available for purchase directly from VocaliD.