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Features Overview


Voice is an outward expression of one's unique personal identity. LAMP Words for Life includes access to Inclusive Voices by Almagu, Ivona, Apple, and the new Acapela Tamira (female African-American) voices for free. Additonal voices are available for purchase so you can find one that best expresses your individuality.

New! Inclusive Voices by Almagu

Find Your Voice

Inclusive Voices by Almagu offers an ethnically and age diverse collection of synthetic voices. Or, create a unique voice with The VoiceKeeper.

Use the voice sampler below to find your voice.

Inclusive Voices by Almagu here)

Child voices

Teen voices

Adult voices

Elder voices

Lisa (Caucasian female, English USA)

Kessie (African American female, English USA)

Mia (African American female, English USA)

Isaak (African American male, English USA)

Noah (Caucasian male, English USA)

Abigail (Caucasian female, English USA)

Evelyn (Caucasian female, English USA)

Linda (Caucasian female, English USA)

Oliver (Caucasian male, English England)

Sophia (Caucasian female, English USA)

James (Hispanic male, English USA)

Robert (Caucasian male, English USA)

Elijah (Caucasian male, English USA)

Damien (African American male, English USA)

Logan (Caucasian male, English USA)

William (Caucasian male, English Australia)

Tessa (Black British female, English England)

Olivia (Caucasian female, English England)

Harry (Caucasian male, English England)

Leon (Caucasian male, English England)

Acapela Voices ($11.99 USD each + tax) available in the Upgrade Store

Child voices

Adult voices

Ella (female American English)

Heather (female American English)

Josh (male American English)

Karen (female American English)

Scott (male US English)

Laura (female American English)

Liam (male Australian)

Micah (male American English)

Olivia (female Australian)

Rod (male American English)

Harry (male Great Britian English)

Ryan (male American English)

Rosie (female Great Britain English)

Saul (male American English)

Emilio (male US Bilingual-English)

Tamira **Free

Valeria (female US Bilingual-English)

Tracy (female American English)

Will (male American English)

Rodrigo (male American Spanish)

Rosa (female American Spanish)

VocaliD custom digital voice

A custom voice is available for purchase directly from VocaliD.