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Features Overview

Vocabulary Builder™

When teaching words to beginning communicators, it is helpful to limit distractions and increase successful attempts. LAMP Words For Life includes Vocabulary Builder that lets you show all of the targeted words from a word list you create without the distraction of the remaining vocabulary. Vocabulary Builder allows for quick changes so that targeted words can be adjusted based on the immediate interest of the learner. Vocabulary Builder supports creation of custom words lists and lets you save them for later retrieval.

The pictures below show how the screen looks typically compaired with when Vocabulary Builder is on with a list that includes only the words my, up, down, off, on, play, more, go, eat, drink and turn. The display is simplified and distractions are removed but the target words are in the same location so that motor patterns learned remain consistent over time.

Vocabulary Builder is a valuable tool when using the LAMP approach. It allows you to simplify the task at hand so the learner can be successful with the task while learning new skills. It allows the communication partner to easily change the words that are visible in order to provide vocabulary that can be used in the moment while following the learner's interests. The empty space on the screen allows a clearer path to practice the motor plan to say words.