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Features Overview

3 Vocabulary Levels

We firmly believe that every individual deserves access to a language system that allows for unlimited potential. LAMP Words for Life includes thousands of words, allowing for independent complex communication. There are three vocabulary files so implementation can be tailored to the individual while keeping the overall structure intact. The motor plans for words are consistent across vocabulary files so that language can develop without relearning.

  • 1-Hit an introductory level vocabulary
  • Transition adds additional vocabulary and button sequencing 
  • Full Vocabulary includes 4000+ words and allows for personalization


1-Hit is an introductory level where 82 core words are only one touch away. This allows for quick reinforcement of the learner’s initial communications with a natural response. Core words are those that are most frequently used in speech and can be used in a variety of settings and activities. Many of the core words at this level can be used in sensory activities.  For example, "up" and "down" can be used to direct another's actions with music volume, climbing, being picked up or put down, swinging, etc.  The words "go" and "stop" can be used to make others dance, be pulled in a wagon, or start and stop videos. 


Once an individual understands the communicative exchange, can be fairly accurate with accessing the intended button, and can discriminate between words, they can learn to select 2-3 buttons before hearing the word produced. The transition level introduces a second button press, building on the core words from the 1-Hit level. The 205 words at this level include vocabulary on several early words lists like the Dolch and Banajee lists. This level allows for the learning of motor patterns without the visual distractions of the full vocabulary file and inclusion of nouns important to the learner.

Full Vocabulary

The Full Vocabulary includes more than 4,000 words and allows for the customization of personalized vocabulary such as names, favorite foods, and favorite places. It provides access to verb forms and word endings such as +s, +er, and +est. The robust pre-stored vocabulary minimizes the time spent customizing, making vocabulary expansion more efficient for parents, teachers and therapists. The consistent location of words allows professionals to become familiar and fluent with the vocabulary structure supporting their ability to teach and model language to multiple students.

There are a few frequently used words that continue to speak with one button press at this level. For other words, once the first button is pressed, a second page opens with additional vocabualry. The label of the core word remains on the home page to support communication partners. There are consistent patterns for the locations of pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and other parts of speech.