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Introductory Videos

Online Trainings

Attend on-line trainings taught by certified and licensed speech-language therapists to learn how to use the Words for Life app. ASHA CEU’s are available for some classes.

Words for Life App: Features and Programming for LAMP

This course will focus on how to use the Words for Life app to implement the LAMP approach. Participants will learn how to navigate the vocabulary that is currently on the app as well as personalizing the vocabulary by adding or modifying specific words. This course will cover how to use several features of the app including word finder, vocabulary builder, and how to prevent unwanted modifications. Participants will learn how to select words to target in languge learning activities.

LAMP at Home: A Webinar for Parents

This webinar is designed for parents who are implementing the Language Acquisition through Motor Planning approach at home. It will provide a quick overview of the Words for Life app and its organization, review the 5 principles of LAMP, identify ways to engage children at home and teach language during natural activities, discuss the parents role in teletherapy, and allow time for discussion and questions.This course does not address programming and use of features within the app.

LAMP Words for Life®: Vocabulary Review and Practice

This is a two and a half hour recorded webinar that is broken up into chapters. The chapters cover the following topics: What is LAMP?, What is LAMP Words for Life (WFL)?, Support for Programming, PASS Demo Software, Word Finder and Vocabulary Builder, 84 1-hit, 84 Transition, 84 Full, and Questions/Resources. You may watch all of the chapters from start to finish or pick which sections you would like to watch. Hands-on practice is encouraged throughout the course, so be prepared to learn and practice.