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Features Overview

LAMP Words for Life is a robust language system that combines the power of PRC’s Unity® language system and Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP™) approach. The app is appropriate for beginning communicators who are just learning that they can affect those around them to skilled communicators with advanced language skills. It includes developmentally progressive vocabulary files and features to scaffold language learning from each individual's current skill level with a clear path for unlimited language growth. The app is symbol based but the symbols are paired with text to support literacy development.

The main feature of the LAMP Words for Life app is that every word is produced by one unique and consistent motor pattern. When using verbal speech, there is only one motor movement of the mouth for each spoken word no matter how that word is used. When using a consistent motor pattern to produce a consistent response, over time with practice, the movement becomes automatic and can be produced quickly. Verbal speakers usually put no thought into how they are moving their mouth or expressing air while talking. In LAMP, this strategy is duplicated on the AAC device. Access to single words allows the communicator to learn language following developmental progression, build their own phrases and sentences to independently express themselves.

Emergent communicators learn the meanings of words by pairing the motor movement to say a word, the sound it produces and other's responses. The app is symbol based; however, the communicator does not have to understand the meaning of the picture as they can rely on that consistent motor movement to produce the word. There are no prerequisite language or picture discrimination skills required before using this app. Acquisition of early language skills can be enhanced with consistent auditory feedback to button selections.

In addition to the highlighted features, LAMP Words for Life offers the ability to:

  • add custom vocabulary
  • highlight spoken word in the speech display bar
  • copy/paste text into other apps
  • share directly to some social media sites
  • back up customized vocabulary via email, DropBox, AirDrop and iShare PRC
  • data logging with Realize Language integration
  • use the app to speak over FaceTime calls

Though the iPad is an accessible and intuitive tool, teaching language is a much more complex process. The articles and video tutorials videos provided in the Support Section will offer some direction as you teach language using the LAMP Words for Life app but are not a substitute for guidance by a speech language pathologist skilled in the implementation of AAC. The Center for AAC & Autism also provides on-site and online trainings for parents and professionals looking to develop their implementation skills.

What do I need to run LAMP: Words For Life®?

Please see our minimum and recommended system requirements here.