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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Trial or Lite Version of LAMP Words for Life?

No. Trial or lite versions of apps offer limited functionality. LAMP Words for Life is a robust communication app to support the Language Acquisition through Motor Planning approach.  Components of the approach such as teaching vocabulary in activities that are motivating to the individual and pairing the sound of a word with the motor movement to say that word are hard or impossible to apply when features or vocabulary are limited. 

Are Discounts Available?

The LAMP Words for Life app is purchased through Apple’s App Store. The list price is the only price available to individuals.

Each year we may offer a couple of sales which are announced a week or two before the sale takes place. To ensure you don’t miss out, follow The Center for AAC & Autism or the PRC Facebook pages, or join the LAMP Words for Life Users Group on Facebook.  You can also get notifications on Twitter (@AACandAustim).

The LAMP Words for Life is available through Apple's School Manager Program.  When purchased in bulk (20+), a 50% discount is available.

How Many iPads Can I download the App To?

Individuals can download an app to any iPad they own and use for themselves (up to 10).

Businesses and schools must provide one license per individual or iPad.  If one individual uses multiple iPads, they can use the one app across those iPads when signed in with the same Apple ID. If multiple individuals use one iPad (i.e. therapist’s iPad used with multiple clients), only one app is required.  Each iOS device used by different individuals requires a separate license.

Can I Share Or Transfer The App To Someone Else?

Apps are associated with the Apple ID with which it was purchased.  Apple does not allow for apps to be transferred to different Apple IDs. So, you can't give an app you're no longer using to someone else who uses a different ID.

Families can download one app to multiple iPads that they own either with the same Apple ID or with Family Share.

Schools can use Mobile Device Management systems to distribute, recall, and reassign apps within the school system.