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Choosing A Voice

Since there are many voice options, only one comes pre-loaded.  The rest are downloadable

Changing the Voice

  1. From the app, select Menu.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. In the Speech section, select Voice.  You'll see the available voices categorized by language.
  4. You may listen to options before selecting one for download. If there is a Download Cloud beside the voice; it is free. If there is a Shopping Cart beside the voice; it can be purchased in the Upgrade Store.
  5. Select the desired voice.
  6. Select Done.

Secondary Langauge Voice

When using a bilingual vocabulary file, you'll need to also select a Spanish voice.

  1. Fron the app, select Menu
  2. Select Settings.
  3. In the Speech section, select Secondary Voice. Scroll to the bottom to find the Spanish voices.
  4. Select the desired voice.
  5. Select Done

Note: There are two voices, Emilio and Valeria, that are available as both a Spanish and English voice. These voices allow the device to sound like the same person regardless of what langauge is being spoken. The English/Spanish voices can be purchased as a bundle in the Upgrade Store. 

Rate and Pitch

You can affect how a voice sounds by changing

  • Rate - how fast the words on a device are spoken.  You can adjust the slider bar so the voice sounds natural.
  • Pitch - How high or low the tone of the voice sounds.  You can adjust the slider bar so the pitch is lower or higher.