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Converting Files From Accent NuVoice Software

Converting files from Accent NuVoice Software

     *Please note: It is possible to convert customized vocabulary files created in NuVoice software on Accent to iOS (iPad, PRiO, Via Pro) ONLY!  

  1. Upload the file to iSharePRC . (You can create an account that is free for one year) (Steps for downloading a vocabulary file from NuVoice can be found HERE under Vocabulary Back UP) 
  2. It will show up under the MTI section (Accent format). Select the info icon to the right of the file name.  
  3. Select “Convert Vocabulary.”  
  4. After several minutes, you should get an email notification that the file is converted.  You’ll see the converted file under the Words for Life .pvf (old file format) section  
  5. You can import the file into your app in a couple ways:
    1. Log into your iSharePRC account on the iOS system and download the file
    2. Download the file to your computer and share with iOS system through email or Drop Box