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You might qualify to get this app on speech-generating device paid for by insurance!

Those that lack full verbal communication may qualify to receive a speech-generating device, pre-installed with the LAMP Words for Life® app, and have it partially or fully funded by private insurance, Medicaid or Medicare, or a combination of these. Typically, an AAC evaluation and a physician’s prescription are required. PRC-Saltillo offers both iOS and Windows-based speech-generating devices along with unmatched support from PRC-Saltillo’s network of speech pathologists, special educators and AAC specialists.

Via® Pro: Designed for Communication

Built on the processing power of iOS, the Via Pro offers the familiarity iOS lovers prefer. It’s easy-to-use and intuitive, right out of the box.


Via Pro: Designed for Communication

When you order a Via Pro, you get your choice of industry-leading PRC-Saltillo apps pre-installed. Choose from three of the most popular AAC apps:

  • TouchChat® with WordPower®
  • LAMP Words for Life®
  • Dialogue® AACVia Pro with LAMP Words for Life on screen

LAMP Words for Life and TouchChat with WordPower both come with Spanish options already integrated for seamless bilingual communication.

The Via Pro includes:

  • Sturdy handle and stand, for extended durability.
  • Splash-resistant design, meeting or exceeding all federal standards for durable medical equipment.
  • Compatibility with a variety of access options, including direct touch, wired and wireless switch compatibility, and head tracking.
  • Industry-leading High Five Warranty for five years of coverage!

In addition, the Via Pro comes with our unmatched support and expertise.

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